Inside Looks

Early Impressions

The idea for Making An Impression came to me a year or so ago, but I convinced myself that I was too busy. Having co-founded and hosted another podcast, The VAR Side, I knew a considerable amount of work was involved, not only in terms of the technicalities, but also in finding guests, establishing and maintaining a social media presence, website creation and, most time-consuming of all, promotion. As the realities of C-19 bit, however, I suddenly had time on my hands and no excuses. Locked down, there was no reason not to put the call out on Facebook and Twitter and see what happened.

Within a couple of hours, around ten impressionists had been in touch and I was soon ear deep in showreels. It quickly became apparent that I had a show. I started to slot dates into the diary while starting on all of the background work necessary to give the pod a solid foundation.


Some of the best impressionists in the country are now on board including Alistair McGowan, Darren Altman, Lewis McLeod, Danny Posthill, Steve Nallon, Jessica Martin, Kate O'Sullivan, Charlie Hopkinson and America's finest, Christina Bianco. Others, like Alex Jordan and Adam Diggle are less well known, but their impressions will amaze you. 

Darren Altman Pod

Darren and I met via a couple of Facebook voiceover groups. Darren is well known in VO circles and is always happy to advise budding voice actors. We'd chatted off and on (occasionally about our love for the same shitty football team, Spurs) but his appearance on BGT was a surprise. I knew he did some impressions, but had never seen him as a stand up. He did well - because he's very, very good - and reached the semi. When BGT approached me, I asked Darren's advice, and he was instrumental in my turning them down. I was neither current nor looking for a career leg-up (being semi-retired and whatnot).

We recorded what was a fun pod via Skype but ran into a few problems. The connection was intermittent and some audio was lost. Darren, being far more adept at editing than me, offered to give it the once over. Who was I to refuse? He eventually sent back a beautifully edited and processed version which I think sounds great and comes across well. Plenty of positive reviews and downloads so far. 

Danny Posthill Pod

I had to start with Danny's extraordinary and hilarious impression of Diane Abbott. From there, I was pretty hysterical all the way to the end. Danny is both a fabulous impressionist and a terrific story teller.


His impressions on the pod include Gazza, Boris, Farage, Trump, Louis Theroux, Johnny Vegas, Tim and Jeremy Vine and Dara O'Briain.

Danny takes us on his fascinating Britain's Got Talent journey, and finishes with a brilliant anecdote about participating in a charity football match against a bunch of ex-pros including Peter Beardsley whose sense of humour deserted him when it came to playing by the rules. 

A lovely guy and a joy to spend an hour with.